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What is Xfce?

Xfce is a light-weight desktop environment for UNIX operating systems and derivates. For a complete overview see the official website.

Why Xfce?

I joined the Xfce development team back in 2002 when I was looking for a suitable desktop environment for my daily usage. I had used KDE and WindowMaker before (and also some other desktop environments), but I wasn't very pleased with them. Xfce4 was very young at that time and it just looked perfect in that there were a lot of possibilities for innovation.

Things have changed quite a bit since that time. Xfce 4.2 is in widely use today and we are suffering from the fact that we don't have defined goals for the upcoming releases. The major problem is that whenever somebody tries to bring this discussion up on the development mailinglist, the thread goes off-topic or is ignored. But nevertheless I think we'll manage this, and Xfce4 will continue as a popular desktop environment.


This page contains a list of applications that have been written for/with Xfce. Drop me a note if you know of any application missing from this list.

Code snippets

This page aims to provide a loose collection of code snippets and unfinished applications related to Xfce, which may be of some use to others.


For the last major release of Xfce (the 4.2.0 release), I have worked on a platform independent installer, which will automatically compile and install the software.

The installer generator - called installit or i2t for short - was recently imported into the Xfce Subversion Repository.

Release Engineering

Some bits and pieces of the preparations for the Xfce 4.2.0 release are still available here.

The page will be updated once the 4.4.0 branch reaches the critical state.