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Thunar File Manager

Thunar is a project I started in mid 2004 (initially named Filer, but renamed to Thunar, because of a name clash with Jens' Perl Filer), which aims at developing an easy to use, lightweight file manager for the Unix/Linux desktop (specifically the Xfce Desktop Environment).

Thunar Volume Manager (thunar-volman)

The Thunar Volume Manager provides automatic management of removable drives and media for the the Thunar file manager, without adding another daemon to the users desktop.

Thunar Archive Plugin (thunar-archive-plugin)

The Thunar Archive Plugin is a very simple plugin for the Thunar file manager, which allows users to create and extract archive files (i.e. .tar.gz and .zip files) from within Thunar, using the context menu.

Xfce developer tools (xfce4-dev-tools)

The Xfce developer tools provide a collection of scripts and M4 macros that are required to build the Xfce core desktop components and various other software packages straight from SVN/CVS. You do not need the developer tools if you are building from the release tarballs.

Xfce desktop environment

Over the last years I wrote various bits and pieces of the Xfce desktop environment. Of the core desktop components I currently maintain the session manager (xfce4-session), the utility library (libxfce4util) and the settings manager (xfce-mcs-manager), and I contributed source code to most of the other components.


The UPiDiff tool was developed as part of a hands-on training at the University Siegen back in 2003. It was renamed since then and is now known as SiDiff. Its constantly extended with new features every year, but unfortunately it's one of those University projects that doesn't attract external developers because there's no real way to get involved.